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Dogs/vaginal swelling


i have a couple of rottwieler ma female comes on heat and i made her mate vd dog on 14 and the 15th day after she starts bleeding and nw its almst 26 days after mating but still its swelled and i checkd bt inserting a finger size thing in her vagina coz i thaught its still may b on heat can u plz tell me whats the matter it iz

First of all, a female dog is fertile on the 13th day, but I am hoping you miscounted because the swelling persists when the dog is pregnant, usually.  DON'T INSERT ANYTHING INTO THE VULVA this could open her to an infection and abort all puppies.   So she may be swollen because she is pregnant.

Second, if you see ANY discharge at all take her to the vet to get her checked.  This could also be the sign of an infection which can be fatal.

Third, if she is still swollen, she could have a bladder infection, which will need to be treated by antibiotics.

Fourth, she could be having a false pregnancy, only time will tell.

Hope it is the first and that you are having puppies.  Next time breed her on the eleventh and thirteenth day since the sperm lives one to three days.



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