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QUESTION: Hi, I have a question about adopting a new female puppy. I currently have an 11yr old male dog and he has been known to be grumpy/mean around other dogs(the only other dog he's been ever
Been around was my dead now male poodle.) I really want to adopt her and she is only 6wks so I know it might take a while.  I want to introduce them but I'm not sure where to begin,
I want him to like her.  Any ideas? Thanks :)

ANSWER: Hi Maddie,
If you don't have the pup yet, you have an ideal situation because you can let them meet and get friendly with each other on neutral territory.  Pick up the pup for a visit, and bring your male dog and make it an enjoyable visit with treats, a little walk, some fun.  Do this several times.  Each time, if it is viable, get closer and closer to your home until you are having fun with both of them in your yard.  This will make the transition easier.  Hopefully by the time you bring the pup home and crate him (this will keep him safe in the beginning), the older dog will be accepting.
If this doesn't work get back to me and we will do it another way.

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QUESTION: I definatley  want to try that but I ran the idea by my dad and he is convinced that my dog will attack the puppy. When we had our other male dog they always fought but they had never been properly introduced we just brought him home because he was a stray. I don't want the puppy to get hurt and if my dog tries to attack I'm not sure how I would restrain him because I would be taken my suprise. Any ideas? And thank you for the promptness of your previous reply and the detail included. :)

Ah, I misunderstood.  I thought he got along with your other dog.  There are several medicines on the market that help with aggressive dogs.  They are in the prozac field.  I know several dogs that these medicines have been extremely helpful in calming them down and changing their attitudes.  They will have to be gotten from a vet.  I also know some dogs that did not get help from these medicines, but they are worth a try.  Does your dog attack strange dogs when you walk him?   I would suggest going to a dog trainer that deals with aggression.  This is not a simple fix and it needs a professional to help you learn to handle him as well as teach him to behave.
A few things to do to start, is to become the boss of him.  Make him sit before you feed him.  Make sure you walk out of the door first (he has to wait)  Make him sit and stay and down, until you say he can move.  It is all about control and you being the boss.  Start working on this now.  If you can't control him, you will never be able to enforce rules when a pup comes into the house.  Teach him to "leave it".  You do this by putting a treat on the floor and tell him to sit stay and "leave it".  When you are ready to let him have it, you pick it up, put it away and give him a different treat.  He gets a treat only when he "leaves" the other treat  He never gets it, only a different treat, this way he learns "leave it" is forever.  After he learns this command very well, it is time to use it more practically.   Now when he goes toward the pup, you tell him "leave it".  This way he learns to leave the pup alone.
Hope this helps.  It will be a good start toward his aggression training.


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