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I have a maiden female wirehaired pointing griffon staying with me for breeding by my young (3 year old) wirehaired pointing griffon stud.  Let me preface by saying they have both been tested for hips, KBkb, and other genetic issues.  They are both sound, good conformation and my stud has hunting talents we hope to pass on, plus he has a wonderful field coat that at least some of his pups have inherited.  This female was a maiden.  She started spotting on December 17th.  She was delivered to us on December 21. She continued to spot until Christmas Eve Day.  She then began to stand and flag for the male and he bred her on December 25th, with a 15 minute tie.  He bred her again December 27th, with a 15 minute tie.  Every time he inserts his penis into her, she screams her head off.  With reassurance and gentle petting and generally soothing her, we were able to achieve the two ties.  As she has continued to scream every time he begins to insert, he is losing interest.  Are two ties, on what I compute to be the 9th and 11th day of her heat, adequate to insure that she is pregnant?  I'm hesitant to keep exposing him to her behavior which is quite discouraging to him.  He has always been an assertive breeder, and has bred one other maiden with no such issues.  I'm worried he will be somehow traumatized by this and not want to breed any more.  Am I anthropomorphizing too much?  I called my vet, who said her hymen must be successfully broken, after two ties and who told me some females always scream, but didn't want to speak to the emotional trauma that might or might not result for the male!  Any help or advice you can offer would be GREATLY appreciated!

It sounds like no progesterone test was run to determine when the bitch was ovulating, and in that case, I believe in breeding until the dogs are no longer interested in each other. That is the only way to be sure the bitch was bred at the right time... unless there is a male in the house that TELLS the breeder when the bitch is ovulating. Those males seem to be extremely rare, and they are worth their weight in gold! (I know, because I used to have one, and I truly miss him now that he is gone...)He would hang on the baby gate ONLY when a bitch was ovulating; otherwise he would ignore them.

As to this particular bitch, I would fashion something like a muzzle (tied around her nose/muzzle and then behind her head), but one that did not allow her to open her mouth. That should cut down on the noise level a bit. It is good to soothe her, but I would also praise the heck out of the male and pet him so that he understands that he is doing a good job.

Your only other recourse would be to artifically inseminate the bitch.


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