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I have a 13 year old blue heeler, she's been drinking water more than usual, she's blind, we noticed that in the morning her bed is wet this is not normal for her, she usually goes out about 4x a day now she's been going out about 10x a day. what are the signs for a dog to have diabetes? she also has a hip problem.

While these can be a couple possible symptoms of diabetes, your dog could have an incontinence problem due to her age, or possibly she has a bladder infection. She needs to be checked out by your veterinarian, and he/she will want a urine sample and will probably do a blood test to check glucose levels.


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I have been showing miniature schnauzers in conformation, obedience, and earthdog for forty years, and am a professional dog groomer. I am not a veterinarian and cannot answer questions of a veterinary nature. However, I can give my opinion or share some experiences on some health issues. Everyone should remember that this is a volunteer service, and few of us are up late into the night. Medical emergencies require a veterinary visit, or at least a telephone call... not an internet question which might not be viewed and answered until hours later. If your dog is sick or injured, it should be seen by a licensed professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.


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