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Dogs/Husky puppy Throwing up after eating.


I  have a 10 week full breed siberian husky whom we only brought home 3 days ago. His first night home he threw up a yellow bile (Which i understand is because he had no food in his stomach and it was just the acidy stuff in his belly) SO i disregarded the problem. The next morning he still hadn't eaten much, maybe a few nibbles of food. He threw up in the morning after he had a drink of water, it had a little bit of undigested food and was surrounded in what im assuming was his water which he had just consumed. This same night he threw up once and it was the yellow bile again. We went back to bed, and woke up the next morning, He then threw up a white spitty substance. A few minuets later I decided to try him on the new puppy food we bought him. he ate almost a full bowl which is the most ive seen him eat yet, and followed it with a hefty amount of water, not even 1 minuet later the throws up ALLL the food and ALLL the water! What is happening here? could it be a simple case of just missing his mama and the litter of pups, he hasn't settled in here yet?

Hi Lauren,

Yes, it very well could be the stress and unfamiliarity of his new surroundings. It's always a good idea to have him checked by a vet to make sure he's not suffering from some virus or something else.

He should only get small amounts of food while he's still having issues. This food should be a mixture of ground turkey and pumpkin. You can also add a little cottage cheese as well. This will all help to settle his stomach. He should be getting fed at least three times a day with small meals.

The turkey and pumpkin are the latest findings from holistic vets as the best for vomiting problems. Give him just a little bit. If he keeps it down, then feed some more a couple hours later and repeat.

Once he is better and keeping food down, make sure you are giving him premium puppy foods and not commercial grade dog foods. These commercial foods are the ones that contain wheat, corn, soy, by-products, glutens, animal fat, animal digest, chemical preservatives and artificial coloring's. Keep away from all these foods.

Of course the best diet by far for any dog is the raw food diet. This is their natural species appropriate diet that contains the high moisture, live nutrients like enzymes and probiotics.

Dogs were never meant to eat a cooked food diet. The lack of high moisture and the live enzymes and probiotics are the main reason why so many dogs are getting all kinds of diseases, cancers and other health problems.

If you feed regular dog foods, try to get most of his diet in canned foods and not dry. Dry has little to no real value in nutrition for dogs.

You can get supplements to aid if you are feeding cooked foods. The best things to add to any dogs diet are the enzymes and probiotics. These will aid in breaking down foods so he can get the most out of anything he eats. The probiotics are essential for good digestion and colon health. This is the heart of his immune system and that's what you want to keep strong.

There are other plenty good things to add to his diet. Like the extra omega's that puppies need for developing their brains and good eye health. Things like sardines are some of the best omega sources. An occasional egg, extra vitamins, green foods, and above all else, get the enzymes and probiotics. We feed a raw diet to our dogs and we still add extra enzymes and probiotics. This is just to help their systems that much more.

Animal Essentials makes a very good one that contains both the enzymes and probiotics. You just sprinkle a little on each meal.

My wife and I did write a small book on all this type of information and much more. If you have a Kindle or Kindle app on your computer or other device, you can download a copy from Amazon for just $2.99. It contains a lot of information we've learned over many years.

You can find it at

Proper nutrition will play a huge role in his development and longevity. Do not underestimate the importance of this.

If he does not get better real soon, you'll need to get him in to the vet. If he continues to throw up water, he will become dehydrated. Once that happens, they usually don't like to eat much. The vets office can give him a water balloon injection if needed.

Try the bland diet as mentioned above, feed small amounts until he keeps everything down all the time. Then get him on his regular diet of healthy foods.

If you have any further questions or anything else I can help with, just respond back to this same question.

Good luck,



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