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Hi!  please help! I have a Jr and he very smart. I housebroke hIm in less than a week. The problem is I can't stop hIm  from jumping up on visitors and clawing and nipping in a fast, very fast friendly way. It hurts but he seems too excited to care. He was abandoned and is around 4 months old. Im disable and enjoy his company. I just can't stop this behaviour. Any advice? Thank you kindly

Hi Rebecca,
You didn't say how you are disabled so i will give you the standard answers and let you work it out, ok?

First:  put a leash on him before company comes over.  When they come in step on the leash so that when he jumps he gets jerked to the ground.  Tell him "NO"

Second:  Teach him to sit, stay, and have him in a sit, stay when people come over.  Have the people ignore him until he calms down.  Only then can anyone pet him, if he stays calm.

Third:  When the company comes to the door, get a treat and get him into a crate.  Make sure he has a treat he must chew on for awhile.  When all the excite dies down let him out.  Again, have everyone ignore him.  If he jumps up, have them fold their arms over their chests and look the other way.

You must be in charge of JR.  All will do that snapping and jumping until they are corrected.
You become in charge by teaching him a bunch of commands and making him do them on a consistent basis.

Fourth: If these simple corrections don't work, then get a small micro pinch collar and do the same as number one correction.  Be careful for that is a bit more painful.



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