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I was under the assumption that my dog (american mastiff) should be welping any day now,she has been leaking milk since last sunday, she has had small amount of clear fluid leaking from her vulva, she SLEEPS alot, i can not see any puppy movement her temp is fluctuating from 100.9 to 99.6 regular temp is around 101 to 102 she was locked on Oct 8th? is it normal for her to not show any signs of contraction?

Hello Melissa,
December 9 is 63 days.   I don't like that you can't feel puppy movement, but that could also be a small litter in a big dog.  Can you have an Xray done?  An ultra sound would be better it would show if they are moving.  Is Oct 9 the only day you bred her?  What day of her heat cycle was that.  They are fertile on the thirteenth day of the cycle so if that was the eleventh day you bred, she might have conceived two days later.  Keep a CLOSE watch on that discharge, if it darkens to a brown, get her to the vet immediately for a c-section.  If it is a green do the same, but that usually means dead pups.  Either way, if she goes to 65 days, it could be too late, so watch all of these signs.  Keep close contact with your vet, although I have found most vets don't know a heck of a lot about breeding and whelping problems (unless he is a breeder).

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