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My miniature schnauzer is not his normal self.  Is not eating and is throwing up.  Is tired but still has bowl movements.  This has been going on now for two days.  Any suggestions.


Hi Mike,

There's no way to guess at what your dog's problem is. It could be anything from an intestinal blockage, to a problem with internal organs or about 100 things in between.
If your dog not eating, throwing up and acting lethargic (seems to be more lazy or sluggish) for 48 hours or more, it's time for a vet exam.

If you are having trouble afford veterinary care, first talk to your regular vet. Ask your veterinarian if he or she will let you work out a payment plan. Many veterinarians are willing to work out a weekly or monthly payment plan so that you do not have to pay the entire cost of veterinary care up front. Another option is to contact local animal shelters or the Humane Society. Some shelters operate or know of local subsidized veterinary clinics or veterinary assistance programs. If you happen to live within driving distance to veterinary school, check with them to see if they offer discount services to the public. There are two special credit cards to apply for which help with medical bills (including veterinary bills) read about them here:

You didn't say if your dog has been drinking water, or if even water makes him throw up. Dehydration is serious, and happens quite quickly after repeated vomiting. Until he can be seen by a vet, it's important to keep your dog hydrated. Giving him a couple of ice cubes to lick is better than having him drink too much, and then have him throw up. Giving your dog Pedialyte or Gatorade can help, your dog might be tempted to lick a few spoonfuls every few hours. Don't give too much at once, to prevent vomiting.
If your dog isn't drinking and refuses liquids you offer, give him water or the Pedialyte solution by bottle or syringe squirted into his cheek pouch (not down his throat). Go slowly and gently stroke his throat to encourage him to swallow.

I hope that's at least a small help. There simply isn't a substitute for professional medical care when it's needed.

Best of luck,



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