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Dog\'s Paw
Dog's Paw  
Hello! I have had my Bichon Frise, Angel, for around 5 years now. Her skin has become increasingly bothersome and she has been repeatedly prescribed Prednidale. They seem to work short term (2 weeks max) but then her skin begins to play up again.

She has bitten herself to the point where she has cut herself all over her back, scratched her ears until there's lumps/bumps/cuts there and is currently chewing on her paws. Her paws, which I discovered tonight, are very minor in their bleeding and the cut(s) seem to be embedded further down her toes. We've changed her food to prescribed food by the vet (designed for dogs with allergies) and I wash her strictly with Masleeb shampoo (also prescribed).

The vets are becoming very expensive, and I've voiced my concerns that the medication doesn't work long term, but they haven't changed it. Can you please offer any further advice as to WHY her paws are bleeding (if they are from allergies as there is no visible foreign objects in them) and how I can go about helping her? It truly is heart breaking as I feel useless and helpless watching her in pain and it's incredibly frustrating not having anything that can soothe her pain long term. I am only 18 and do struggle financially, hence why I've turned to online help. But I always find the means of providing for my dog.

Please help me help her! :(

(I've attached a picture taken tonight of her paw. Sorry if the quality is poor.) You've no idea how much I appreciate what you all do.

Note: Angel has (I think) chewed the pad on her paw off before, in fact it was a few months ago and could have possibly been related to her allergies.

Hi Tanya,

Sorry to hear you have to go through all this. There can be many causes to this type of infliction but it seems that 90% of the time it has to do with the diet.

Most all of the prescribed foods are junk. They take away certain nutrients that may contribute to the cause so the diet becomes unbalanced.

We all love our vets for what they specialize in and that's medicine. When you have an issue like you do, the answer is in nutrition. They are just not trained in any nutrition. That's evident by the foods they recommend.

I don't want to seem out of line but they don't stay in business when all dogs are healthy and just get check-ups. The big money is in disease.

The Prednidale and other steroids are just a temporary patch and tend to mask other problems. In some cases one dose may be called for.

You have to look at what is natural for a dog to eat and thrive on the way nature intended them to do. They, like us, were never meant by nature to have any type of diseases or other health problems. We create this ourselves by the food we put in us and in our dogs.

The best vets in the world are typically the holistic vets. Unlike their counterparts, they are trained in healing through nutrition. They know all the medical parts plus they've taken years of healing through nutrition as well. This makes them very powerful in the ability to actually heal your dog and not just keep pumping them full of drugs while the suffering goes on.

If you can find a holistic vet in your area, I would highly suggest you seek their help with this. They can get copies of all your dogs records sent to them before your visit.

What they typically will do in this kind of case is to recommend a raw food diet, add certain Chinese type supplements and work on letting your dog build up their own immune system to fight this themselves naturally.

The raw food diet is the best in the world for any dog as it is their natural diet. Dogs were never meant to eat a cooked food diet. Doing so has led them to develop all types of diseases, cancers, arthritis, obesity and a host of other health issues.

There are commercially made raw foods that make feeding it to your dog very easy. I would highly suggest you research this a lot. It will make all the difference in your dog.

The raw foods naturally have all the "live" type nutrients and high moisture content that are lacking in dry or canned dog foods.

These missing elements are the critical factor as to why people's dogs are developing these issues as well as your dog.

The most needed ones are the enzymes and probiotics. These vital nutrients are found naturally in raw foods but are destroyed when you cook food.

Without these in a dogs diet, their own body will suffer over the long term.

Feeding some of the bad grains and other bad ingredients are the number one reason so many dogs develop allergies towards their food. These allergies turn into constant scratching, biting, and a miserable existence. They will typically chem themselves into bleeding and create all kinds of hot spots. Their skin is hot, dry and this can be very painful.

These symptoms can be suppressed by the steroid shots for a little while but will not help in the long run because you are not treating the root cause.

The worst type of pet food ingredients include wheat, corn, soy, by-products, glutens, artificial coloring's, chemical preservatives, animal fat, animal meal, peanut hulls just to name a few.

Many people can't or will not feed a raw food diet. That's fine, but then you must feed a grain free dry and canned. The dry isn't very good for anything as it is "dry" food. This is void of moisture. Dogs were meant to eat a diet high in moisture, they are meat eaters. A dog on dry or mostly dry foods will actually live in a mild state of dehydration.

So if a person must feed commercial foods, grain free canned foods are better because they are higher in moisture and void of the grains that cause most problems.

But then feeding this type of diet, you MUST supplement with the missing enzymes and probiotics. There are a number of other good supplements to add as well.

If you are new to reading dog food ingredients and want to learn some of the basics, my wife and I did write a book on the subject. It's called Dog Food Decoded and is available on Amazon in a Kindle format or paperback. If you ave a Kindle or Kindle app, the cost for the e-book is only $2.99. The link to it is

There is also a lot of good information online, you just have to be careful who you listen to. Everyone seems to have an opinion as to what's best for dogs. I think the natural way is the best, it just makes the most sense.

We feed a raw food diet to our dogs. We still add other supplements like additional enzymes and probiotics just to help their digestive system even more. You want to keep your dogs digestive system strong as that is the heart of their immune system.

We also add some canned sardines once or twice a week. These contain the full chain of omega 3's and 6's and are a whole type food.

We also will add some cottage cheese now and then, a raw organic egg once a week. Some green foods now and then like spirulina or wheat grass or kelp.

It's kind of whatever you can do, the better. Mixing things up for them all the time is also very good. A dog should have a lot of variety in their diet.

So basically, you have to either work with a holistic vet or start doing your own research and learning how to heal and create great health yourself.

There are a lot of good holistic care for dogs books on the market. They will have raw food infomrmation as well as particular diets for certain conditions.

Converting to a raw food diet slowly and adding some good supplements will be one of the best ways you can over come all this going on with your dog. You just have to learn how to do it all which is really not very hard at all. Once you have it down, it's easy to maintain.

The other benefits are that you will probably save money. You will save vet cost as well as on the food. The raw food or even premium foods may seem to cost more but if you look at it as a "cost per serving basis" you will see that they are the same or less.

Better foods absorb more so you feed less.

I did want to tell you about another site. The site or product is called Nsymes and is located here:

There you can learn a lot more about allergies and causes and cures. They have some good products that you can purchase in a kit package. Adding these and converting to a good foods will more than likely take care of all your problems.

Otherwise you can purchase good probiotics and enzymes from a local natural pet food store. They will also have other good supplements that will help you. Most of them will have knowledgeable people in there that can help you through this without a ton of cost. They are the best source to know if there are good holistic vets in your area.

This is the type of store my wife and I own and operate. We've been there six years now and are certified in pet nutrition and have helped thousands of dogs and cats regain or maintain great health. Look to your local area for this kind of help and support.

Keep up the reaching out, there are a lot of good people in the pet business. You and your dog will have a long, healthy and happy life together once you have gone through this process.

You will also be able to pass this type of good information along to other pet owners who are looking for help like you are.

I know this has been a lot of information but I hope some of it helps. If you should have any more questions at all, do not hesitate to ask. I will be happy to assist if I can.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of further help,



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