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I have a FEMALE Schnauzer 9yrs old.She is having problems seeing and bumps into door frames,furniture,stands in front of walls and furniture like she waiting for something. I can't see pupils appear to be a green tint. She can't see a treat thrown to her it just fall to floor and I have to pick it and give it to her.Can you please help.The vet say no sign of cataracts

It sounds to me as though your dog has gone blind, and the most likely cause is PRA... Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This is a genetic blindess which takes months/years before it affects the dog enough that it has trouble seeing. At first the dog will have trouble with low-light situations, and will often have trouble going down dark stairs, or going outside in the dark. The dog will often be observed moving slowly with its head down near the floor/ground as it senses its way along. The eyes will be extremely reflective due to the enlarged pupils.

Another blind disorder is SARDS... Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration. This one does not appear to be hereditary, and it comes on very quickly... in a matter of hours or days. The dogs often act oddly at first, since the blindess comes on so suddenly that they really have no time to adapt to the new condition, and they tend to not want to move around much initially. For some reason, SARDS seems to be more common in dogs with Cushing's Disease.

Once a dog is affected with either one of these conditions, the retinas tend to look pretty much alike to an opthalmologist, I have been told. The only way to determine which is which is length of time from onset to blindess.

Your dog needs to be seen by a veterinaray ophthalmologist to determine the problem; get a referral to one from your regular veterinarian.


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