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Hello i have a male saint bernard dog aged 4 years old ,he is not nutured,he is a family dog used to children & cats gets on fine with any other dog apart from the west highland white terrier, this is my 4 th saint bernard i have always had male dogs and i have had the same problem with all my saint bernards, they get quite aggresive for no reason at all, and really go for the westie.
can you shed any light on this matter,on why saint bernards do not get on with westies,or is there something that frightens the saint bernard when they see a westie.

Hi Tracey,

It's common for an un-nuetered adult male dog to be more aggressive than one that was neutered before sexual maturity (6 months or younger).

This may well be your problem, and not that St. Bernard's don't get along with Westies or any other dog. Male dogs can be neutered at any age, unfortunately, at 4 years old old there's no guarantee that neutering him will stop the aggression. It might, and it's definitely something to consider, but it might totally end the aggression because at least some of your dog's behavior may be due to habit at this point.

I think a combination of neutering and training is the answer. If you don't think you can train your dog out of aggression, it's time to consult with a dog behaviorist. In the meantime, you need to supervise your dog, and keep him leashed when in the presence of any other dogs. Your dog might need to wear a muzzle, depending on how bad his aggression is. A tragedy can happen in a moment! A basket style muzzle is the most humane, it allows a dog to pant and drink wanter while it's being worn.

Best of luck,



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