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my puppy is four months old and recently he has been chewing on my bathroom cabinet doors, how can i stop him from doing that, also when can i take the diaper pad away and take him outside, how can i teach him to let me know when he needs to go outside for his necessities? please help!!!


I start taking my pups outside when they are six weeks old.  You can start right away to take your pup out, but keep the pads until he understands that he is changing from pads to grass.  This will take awhile.  One good thing is that now that he is going to go outside you can name the activity.  Like "Go Potty"  once they know the name, you can ask him "Want to go Potty?" and later on when he really knows, you can tell him  "NO Potty"  when you don't want to go. That does take awhile, but well worth the effort.

Chewing:  This is from several causes.  One is teething, just like a baby he needs to chew on things, so give him plenty of things to chew on.  Real knuckle bones (when you are around) are great.

Another reason is mineral deficiency.  You can supplement with a vitamin/MINERAL  tablet.

Also, the type of dog food you are using.  I find the Eukanuba puppy food greatly reduces wood and wall chewing.  It seems to have a higher amount of ash which growing dogs crave. You can feed this food until he is a year old.

Hope this does the trick


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