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Dogs/Aggressive Dog During Breeding?


absosengkye wrote at 2015-03-21 17:37:52
Dear Dali,

As a 30+ years breeder, I will encourage you that the behaviors that you shared are not uncommon.  The simple solution is a time out crate for her return home.  Though I am very late answering this post, it may help someone else.  Allow the other dogs a normal routine but crate Blue Lacey for an hour of so when she comes home.  A crate will also be a wise investment should her protective instincts kick in if she is bred.  She should have a special "her place" where she will be alone when the pups arrive anyway.  I am sorry for the harsh and in some cases incorrect words of the other answerer.  Her depiction of "most breeders" is narrow sited and uninformed.  Most breeders spend far more money than they will ever make caring for their purebred breeding dogs.  In my 20 years raising Lhasa apsos, 90% of my Lhasas remain in their original homes and the few exceptions are re-homed with my help.  My customers can call me and even now I am in touch with some of my customers from 15 years ago.  Most of the breeders I work with and know have above average conditions and provide amazing care of their purebred dogs/puppies.  In an article that I recently wrote for our National Dog Show, mentor-ship is one of the key missing elements of the breeding showing world.  If we want ethical breeders, we must help them become that not attack them with bad attitudes.  90% of all shelter dogs are "mutts"...not purebred dogs, as are 90% of all dog bites.  What is publicized is inaccurate and promoted by groups with their one agenda to promote.  May God Bless your efforts and please seek out an individual working with your breed that is both ethical and caring, to help you as you learn the ropes!  


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