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First off I just want to thank you for all your advice. I read the article where you recommended the plant enzymes & probiotics and bought it for my dog. She's a 12 year old Miniature Schnauzer with  bad allergies and is blind from cataracts. This has really helped her with the allergies and her coat. My question is, she constantly licks her legs. It drives me nuts and she gets wet spots on the couch from doing it. I feed her very healthy {dog foods that are all natural, eggs, cottage cheese, fresh veg, sardines, etc.. I alternate the dog foods with food that I make her from boiled chicken, peas, carrots, brown rice, and apple sauce.}I don't know what else I can do for her. Why all the licking on her legs?

Hi Tammie,

I would make sure she is getting all grain free foods and even avoid the rice. If she is that sensitive, any grains could be causing irritations and/or inflammation and bothering her leg.

Even the protein can cause problems like this. If she's been getting nothing but chicken in her dog food and chicken from your homemade, I would switch to something like lamb to make sure it's not the proteins. Lamb is a very good source of EFA's (essential fatty acids)for her as well. This will be better for her skin and coat.

This could also be just a habitual thing and just something she is going to do. You can get a tape product that will stick to her coat and the outside is coated with Cayenne. This will prevent her from licking in spots.

I would not be giving her any dry foods at this point. Just premium grain free canned and/or your homemade.

If you feed much homemade foods, make sure to include some bone meal for the calcium she needs. You can use ground up egg shells as well. Calcium is very important and the lack of it can cause many health issues. You can also give her some extra vitamins and minerals.

I would also be giving her some type of antioxidants. You can get some green powders like pet kelp, wheat grass or spirulina.

If you can walk her, take her for some walks. The exercise will help keep her blood flowing properly to her extremities.

Doing all the above should help and you can probably then make a determination if this is from the diet or just a habitual thing.

Keep us the enzymes and probiotics, this is the best thing for her.

Let me know if you should have any further questions.



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