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Dogs/Dog refusing his bed.


My Jack Russell Terrier hurt himself getting out of his bed, which made him yell out, after this he is no longer wanting to go in or stay in his bed.

We have tried many ways of persuading him with treats but nothing seems to make him go in his bed.


Hi Ross,

Thank you for writing to me about your JR's post traumatic stress disorder regarding his bed.  I would suggest that you give his bed a is probably located high off the ground for him to have fallen and hurt himself so bring is down to the ground somehow or reinvent it by taking the cusions out and placing them not only on the floor but in a different area of the room.  You can always slowly move it back towards the old spot once he starts using it again.  I would also suggest that you start feeding him closer to the bed and slowly move the food bowl over a period of a week towards the bed so that he can associate good food with his bed.  If he hurt himself once, he's figuring that he could hurt himself again and he could be right about make some adjustments to calm his fears.

Best of luck,

Shelley Davis


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