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For christmas I bought my dog, she's a 5 year old Brittany Spaniel this dog bone: (I think it was this bone I don't know for sure)

Yesterday she finally started chewing on it and by this morning she had ate the whole bone! It was a huge bone and I'm thinking I should of stopped her from eating the whole bone.

This morning she had dark brown, runny, diahhrea and I didn't think much of it except that she got a stomach ache from the bone. Tonight not long ago she vomited twice. The vomit is a light red so I don't know what it is, possibly blood? She only ate 1 cup of dog food yesterday and today she didn't eat anything.

I don't think the bone was filled with red meat or anything so I don't know what the red vomit is because she hasn't ate anything the past few days besides her dog food & the bone. I took her for a walk today and yesterday and she's been like choking and coughing so I'm kinda worried! Right now she is laying on her pillow...  

Any suggestions would be great!! :)

I am not a veterinarian, but as a dog owner I have to say that I think you need to get your dog to the vet NOW. It sounds to me like she has ingested a too-large piece of rawhide, and she may have a blockage. The red vomit does sound like blood.

At least telephone the emergency vet and get his/her opinion on this; they can tell you if this is as serious as I suspect it may be.


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