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QUESTION: Roger I just read what you wrote about this subject to someone else, and it was so helpful. My daughter took her 7 year old German Shepherd/Husky mix to the vet and they treated her for allergies. Yeast was never mentioned. After much research that is what I am convinced she has. She smells awful and is constantly scratching. We have her now for awhile and I am able to follow your advice on the raw diet. I did see in some of my research that too much protein can damage the kidneys. Could you give me some more info on this, if that is the case. Thanks very much.

ANSWER: Hi Mary,

You've done well to take it upon yourself to do research. That's so much more than most will attempt mostly because of the lack of information available.

Our vets, we love them for what they do and that's medicine. They just don't understand the power of nutrition and healing with a holistic approach. Like our doctors, they are predestined to treat with medicine. Some cases that works fine and can save lives, but as we've seen, more often than not it creates other problems.

The standard practice for most all vets is to treat any type of potential allergy with antibiotics and steroids. They do this in an attempt to take care of any secondary infections but it also just makes yeast and other allergy problems worse.

If your dog does have yeast, the typical sign is the foul smell or it can smell like corn chips. The best thing in the world for her is the raw food diet. I would also be loading her up on additional enzymes and probiotics. This will just help her get rid of the yeast that much more efficiently.

We feed raw to our dogs and cats and add additional enzymes and probiotics. One, this just helps their body that much more and secondly, most commercial made raw food manufacturers use muscle meat as the source of proteins. These cuts of meat contain the fewest amount of digestive type enzymes. Their natural diet of the whole animal contains much more digestive enzymes in the intestinal track and bile duct system. These are not used typically.

We add other supplements as well during the week. Maybe a couple eggs, sardines in water, green powders or other vitamins or nutrients.

Depending on the severity, coming off the yeast infection can also have some complications. Mainly in the thyroid as the yeast dies off can harm this gland. Keep an eye for her eating more or less and gaining or not gaining any weight. These can be signs that the thyroid is not acting properly. If you suspect anything, take her to your vet for to have it checked.

I would also look to build her immune system with antioxidants. Some green powders will help this. Things like wheat grass, pet kelp or spirulina.

There are many good holistic care for dogs books on the market as well. They talk about the raw food diet as well as many supplements you can add to the diet for specific health issues. Anyone who goes on a raw food diet should get one or two for reference. This will just compliment what you are doing.

A dogs natural diet is the prey model diet, or raw foods. The high moisture of the meat along with the bones and organ meat make this complete. Dogs that have developed kidney issues will have usually been fed a dry, processed food diet. This taxes the kidneys and causes harm over time. People who feed dry only diets to their dogs are very susceptible to this problem.

This usually accompanies them not adding enzymes and probiotics and that compounds the problems.

With you feeding a raw diet, you are mimicking what nature intended them to have and thrive on. They were never meant to have any diseases in their lives, only good health from their natural diet.

You will heal more on this diet than you will cause any harm, by far. Just make sure you are using a balanced diet. Either a commercial brand that has ground bone, organ meat and veggies in it or that you know exactly how to balance a homemade raw diet. This is critical.

You may of may not have read my suggestions that people find a holistic vet to have on their side as well. These guys know how to heal through nutrition and have studied all the medicine side of things. See if you can find one in your area for more help with all this, second opinions and to help with a complete diet.

We have our main vet for routine things or to help diagnose. But once we have a diagnosis, we take them to our holistic vet for natural care. We get some rescues that sometimes need diagnosis and treatment for many ailments. Most all have been healed with transitioning them to the raw food diet with supplements. We then find them good homes and educate the new parents and feeding.

I hope this information helps and should it spark any other questions, please respond back and I'll do what I can to help.


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QUESTION: Thanks so much, Roger.
With the raw food diet and supplements, approximately how long should it take to begin to notice her feeling and smelling better.
Thank you again.

ANSWER: You are welcome Mary.

It will really depend on how bad she is and the strength of her own immune system. We've seen noticeable results in a few days in some cases and other's, it can take a couple of months.

Just be aware, she could possibly get a little worse before getting better. This is very common as all the bad stuff will be leaving her body.

Also be aware that if you mention to your vet that you have her on a raw diet, he may put that diet down and tell you not to do it. We've seen this time and time again with our local vets talking to our customers.

They are just not educated in the raw diet and will not back something they know nothing of.

They also make their living off treating long term diseases with medicine. If all the dogs were healthy, they would be out of business.

But hang in there, you are doing the right thing and the best thing for her. You will see results soon. She will get better and live a lot longer and enjoy better health for your efforts.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


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QUESTION: Not really a question but another thank you. We have had Zoe (she is actually more like 10 years old) about 2 months now and have had her on  raw meat for 1 meal a day, chicken leg quarters (boiled and bones taken out), tuna & sardines occasionaly. I usually add raw eggs to her food to make it stretch more. She takes a couple fish oil pills and 1/2 tsp Animal Essentials plant enzymes and probiotics. I also add some green beans sometimes to her food although this may not be necessary. She will leave them and come back and have them later if she's getting hungry. She has gained weight. She has gone from an old broken down dull looking walking corpse (my daughter was sure she was dying) to a beautiful healthy German Shephard again with her thick shiny fur. She plays with her toys and just bounced back into the house from outside while ago to play a little tug of war with me over her stuffed teridactil my daughter just got for her. She had breakfast and is lounging in the family room now. I just had to get back to you with the update and say thanks so much again.

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the follow up, I appreciate that. Glad to hear things are going well with Zoe.

A couple of things to consider.

As I mentioned before, a bad yeast infection could cause harm to her thyroid. If this gland is not functioning well, it could cause the excessive weight gain if she continues to gain more and more. Just be watchful for it.

You may want to talk to your vet about having it checked at some point.

If you are feeding a commercially prepared raw diet, make sure they are including the bone and organ meat to make it balanced. If you are feeding homemade raw, make sure you are adding the necessary supplements to make it balanced.

The main one is calcium. Dogs need plenty of calcium and a deficiency can cause health issues.

I'm not sure if you mean the leg quarters are one meal or not. But if it is a meal, just make sure you are supplementing so she will not become deficient. Also make sure to rotate proteins in her diet. Lamb is a very good alternative to chicken as it has twice the amount of EFA's in it which benefit her skin and coat and internal organs with the extra essential fatty acids.

Everything else sounds great, you are doing a great job and she is benefiting from your efforts.

I would also appreciate it if you would allow me to use your story/feedback. We may put it in a new book we'll have out and/or in our store for others to see.

Thanks again for the feedback, that is always great to hear. Get back to me if you have any further questions.



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