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Dear mam,

I had mailed you last year that my female dog is not conceiving at all and had asked your advise regarding it... & In the follow up question that I asked in December 2012 when my female spitz ( the small variety ) came into heat, you had asked me to mate her on the 12th and 14th day of heat ... I tried hard but could not find a male on the 12th day, so finally mated her on the 14th and 15th days of heat with 1 male spitz ( slightly bigger than my female ) and on the 17th day of heat with another male dog (  which is much smaller than my female spitz )... I took her to the vet today and she confirmed that my dog is finally pregnant ...

So, first of all thank you so so much for the proper guidance mam ...

I have a few more doubts regarding my dog :

1) Her first mating was on December 3rd ... So, can you please tell me when she is likely to deliver the pups ???

2) What are the signs and symptoms that indicate that delivery is about to happen/has started ???

3) What are the signs that indicate that the delivery will be normal or whether it requires assistance ( caesarean ) ??

4) As I have mated her with 2 male dogs ( 1 slightly bigger than her & the other much smaller than her ), can it result in any complications ???

1) If I counted correctly, 63 days from Dec 3rd is Feb 3rd for delivery.

2)  She should start nesting (digging in closets, under beds, etc) her temp should drop to about 98 degrees.

3)  If she doesn't have her litter within 24 hours of starting labor,  or goes way over the 63 days, say to 65, she needs a caesarean.

4)  The complications may arise because of the mating  being 4/5 days apart.  If both connected for some reason, then you may have some pups that are too young to be born and may die because their lungs will not be fully developed.

Good luck, let me know how you made out.


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