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Dogs/dutch sheperd 8 wks underweight


I bought a male dutch sheperd off a family who breeds at a little over 6 weeks and will be turning 8 weeks tomorrow and only weighs in at 7lbs which is extremly under weight. Also his stools are soft and liquid alot of the time but have have gotten rid of his worms. i am curious on what i can do in order for him to start gaining some weight and thank you in advance


The best thing to do is add more food. Of course a raw food diet is far superior to anything else, it may not be the right time and place for you to start that. But if you want to in the future, email me back and I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

For now, you can start him on some good canned puppy food, not the commercial crap. Get a brand like Wellness Puppy, Chicken Soup For The Puppy Lover's Soul, or Merrick's Puppy Plate. Blue Buffalo also makes a good puppy food.

If it were me, I would not even introduce dry food into his diet. There is no good value in dry foods for dogs. If it is a budget thing, then you can add some dry but never add more than half in each meal.

The other thing you can do to help his stools is add a little canned pumpkin. This acts as a regulator. Cottage cheese is also good.

The next very important thing to add is some enzymes and pro-biotics. They will get these naturally from a raw food diet but these vital nutrients are destroyed when you cook or process foods.

This is the number one thing anyone can do for their dog. The lack of enzymes and pro-biotics is the reason so many diseases, cancers, arthritis, diabetes and other degenerative type diseases are on the rise. Your vet sure will not tell you about them. They are great for what they do and that's medicine.

It will be up to you to learn the best diet for him to thrive disease free for a long time.

You can't argue against a species appropriate diet as the best for any animal. When you go against nature, bad things usually happen.

Dogs were never meant to eat a cooked food diet. We domesticated them and take it upon ourselves that they should get cooked foods like our kids get. This is very damaging to them in the long run.

Many of our customers can't or will not feed raw and that's fine. But you at least have to feed a high moisture diet like canned foods and then supplement with the missing nutrients of enzymes and pro-biotics.

The enzymes will help him break down the food far enough to get all the nutrients needed from that food. The pro-biotics will help his intestinal system stay stable and fight off diseases. It will also help keep his stools regular. Just like the yogurt commercials you see on TV that say pro-biotics are good for our internal system, same goes for dogs.

You can get enzymes and pro-biotics in a powder form and just sprinkle on each meal. Animal Essentials makes a good one that combines both of these.

So try to feed him every few hours. If you have to water down the canned food in order for him to be able to get it down, then do that.

Regardless of what the breeders say, dry foods will not do him any good. It's much harder to digest and takes a lot longer. This is hard on his little system.

You can also try baby food if he will not eat good. Sometimes this works well. But his weight will come on but you have to feed enough and get him the right amount of protein. Proteins job is for growth and repair. That's the big problem with cheap commercial foods is they lack good quality and quantity of proteins.

Once you have him for a while and things are all good, I would look into the raw food diet. This diet will get him to develop as well as he possibly can. There are many good commercial raw food for dogs companies. They make a lot of good, easy to serve, completely balanced foods.

Take a look and read some info on a site like about there raw foods. They also make good canned foods as well. But they are all grain free and I think it's best to serve puppy food to puppies for a while. The big difference is the DHA in puppy food that helps develop the brain.

Make sure he is eating good, if not, get him back to the vet again to make sure nothing else is wrong.

Let me know if you have any more questions or anything else I can do to help.



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