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Dogs/female dog question?


My female dog was in heat we took good care of her because we had not fix her. we don't think any male dog got to her because she is an indoor dog. this was her first time in heat and i never had a pet before so not sure if maybe all her nipples will be tender or do you think maybe she is preagant. and if she is what can i expect. and how long?


Hi Sandra,

It's a pity you didn't have your dog spayed before the onset of her first heat cycle, as that's when a female dog would have gotten significant health benefits. Having your dog spayed before her next heat cycle is the second best thing, and now is the time to act. There are many reduced cost (and even free) spay programs available. Contact your local animal shelter, humane association, or your vet to see what programs are available in your area, or you might find a spay program here:

After having her first heat cycle, a dog's nipples will be larger than what they were before her heat cycle. This is normal. If your dog's nipples feel warm or hot to the touch, or are red and swollen, she needs to be seen by a vet. It's possible she has an infection of her mammary glands. Of course it is possible that she is pregnant. Male dogs are amazingly resourceful when they get wind of a female in heat. I can't tell you how many "accidental" dog pregnancies I hear about, but it's VERY common. If you think your dog is pregnant, you can have the pregnancy terminated if it's early. This is something to discuss with your vet, but don't put this off.

A dog's pregnancy lasts approximately 63 days. You should read up on what to expect, and what you need to know. Your dog's life, and the life of the puppies may depend on it. Read more about care of a pregnant dog here:

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