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Hey, I am soon going to be a newfie owner for my 1st time. I still am confused what are the best brands to bathe this breed and what shall I need to start with? as I have checked a lot of brands and they all send you a large list of what you need, apart that still I am not sure which brand is the best. I live in Malta (Europe) and newfies are not common at all over here. Thanks and will appreciate your reply.

Joseph, I would listen to whatever the breeder tells you to use.  Things like this are individual and what is great on one dog may not be as good on another.  If she shows her dogs, she probably has something that works very well.  If you are getting him/her from a pet shop, then I would recommend something that keeps any undercoat down (certain combs and rakes) as the temp in Malta is probably warmer than what the breed is used to.  I have found that the Almond shampoo, is an all around good cleaning shampoo (no matter what brand).  You will need a rake, with uneven teeth, and a slicker brush for shorter areas.  Make sure you brush behind the ears every day to avoid mats that can actually get infected because of constantly being wet.  I know your dog will be swimming.  You will need a very heavy duty nail clipper and/or a rechargeable dremmel for the nails.  Be careful to cut the tips off frequently (once every two weeks) so they never get long, and take long walks on cement areas.

There is a wonderful product out called the furminater conditioner.  It works well and leaves a wonderful luster on the coat. has it and so does  Christianson products are show products that are also wonderful, you can find them on

Hope this helps.


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