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Dogs/Number. of puppies shown in Ultrasound and x-ray are different


Hi, my female spitz ( the small variety ) comes into heat every 4 months…. We bred her during the last 2 heat cycles, but she did not conceive …. This time we mated her on December 3rd and December 4th 2012 with one male spitz ( slightly bigger than her ) and on Dec 6th with another male spitz ( which is only half her size )…. We took her for Ultra Sound on January 19th ( 48th day since the first mating ) and the vet said that she could see 2 puppies on 1 side and 1 puppy on the other side …. She asked us to come again the following week for an x-ray to determine the accurate number of puppies … Today, January 28th ( 57th day since the first mating ), I took her for x-ray and the vet is telling that she can see only 1 LARGE puppy ???
1)Is this possible ??  If so, how  ???

2)Is x-ray the absolute diagnosis for determining the number of puppies ???

She has been vaccinated completely ….


Hi Sujatha,

Doctors and x-rays aren't infallible. Depending on their position, a puppy can be unseen by x-ray. So, yes, it's possible that she could be carrying more than one puppy. You really won't have absolute answers until the puppies are born.

Good luck with the litter!



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