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i have a dog with parvo and has been on a drip for 4 days but hasn't started the treatment for the virus as we were told they would start it today but they  did not. what are the chances of surviving the parvo if he treated tommory


Hi Tina,

When left untreated the mortality rate of parvo virus infection is around 91%. When treated with more aggressive therapy, parvo mortality rates can drop to 20% to 5% with some 80% to 95% of dogs surviving. Surviving the first three days is usually a good sign for long term survival. A dog's age plays a significant role in how effective a parvo treatment will be. Extremely young, old or immune-compromised dogs will not be able to withstand the more aggressive types of treatments. From here on out, be sure to vaccinate your dog against Parvo virus.

Recovery from Parvo generally takes several days, sometimes up to ten days. Infected dogs and puppies that survive may continue to spread the virus through their stools for up to a month following recovery. Tell your dog owning neighbors that your dog has contracted parvo. Since parvo can be spread from dog to dog in addition to bring spread through feces and soil, neighbor's dogs may have become infected simply by walking their dogs in areas where your dog has been.

Dogs that survive a parvo infection will usually not show signs of long term heart damage for several years, but may show signs of congestive heart failure later in life. This can be treatable, depending on how quickly the symptoms are recognized. Parvo can also cause long term kidney or liver damage and weaken the immune system permanently. These health conditions are not absolutes, they are only possibilities, but they are things you should discuss with your vet.

I hope I've been a help.
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