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He`s from the SPCA and was rescued from a Dog hoarder. He`s 11 months old and weighs around 8 pounds. Some people say he`s a Pom, others say he`s mixed. I do have some saing that he`s a Spitz but I know they are too rare for him to be one.


Hi Amanda,

In the US, the small variety of the Spitz is a larger dog than a Pomeranian, weighing 18-22 pounds. A Pomeranian usually weighing 3-7 pounds. Of course there are always "non-breed specific" dogs who will be larger or smaller than the standards, plus there's no way of knowing if Barry is really a pure bred dog or not.

Spitz usually have a more "wolf-like" head and a conical shaped snout, while Pomeranians have slightly rounded snout. Just to further blur the issue, the Pomeranian is a descendant of Spitz, technically a Pomeranian is a type of Spitz called "Zwergspitz". In the US, the smaller size "Zwergspitz"(Dwarf Spitz) tend to be combined into the Pomeranian classification by some breeders since the AKC does not recognize the two smaller kinds of Spitz as separate breeds. In many countries, the Zwergspitz and the Pomeranian are the same dog.

It's possible that a poorly bred dog of either breed will be easily confused for the other. I should also mention that a Pomeranian may be larger than the breed standard due to the genes pool having "throwback" genes. A throwback Pomeranian is a Pom who is larger than the standard size Pom of today's breed standard.

Because of all this, I can't say what breed Barry is. Ask 10 different people, and you're bound to get 10 different answers, and in the end it's all guesswork, nobody can really say proof positive what breed Barry is. If this really matters, have a dog breed DNA test run. They cost around $70 or so these days, and would give you a more definitive answer than any mere mortal can give. Here are a few to look into:

Sorry I couldn't be more of a help.
Best of luck,



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