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Dogs/No of pups shown in Ultrasound and x-ray are different


Hi, my female spitz ( the small variety ) comes into heat every 4 months…. We had bred her during the last 2 heat cycles, but she did not conceive …. This time we mated her on Dec 3rd and Dec 4th 2012 with one male spitz ( slightly bigger than her ) and on Dec 6th with another spitz ( which is only half her size )…. We took her for Ultra Sound on Jan 19th ( 48th day since the first mating ) and the vet said that she could see 2 puppies on 1 side and 1 puppy on the other side …. She asked us to come again the following week for an x-ray to determinr the accurate number of puppies … Today, Jan 28th ( 57th day since the first mating ), I took her for x-ray and the vet is telling that she can see only 1 LARGE puppy ???
1)Is this possible ??  If so, how  ???

2)Is x-ray the absolute diagnosis for determining the number of puppies ???

She has been vaccinated completely ….

Neither ultrasound nor X-ray are 100% accurate all of the time. I have used them on occasion to determine that the bitch is indeed pregnant, but would never rely on either one of them for an accurate puppy count.

If your bitch comes in season every four months, you are lucky there is anything there at all. Most bitches who ovulate that frequently have hormonal issues and usually cannot conceive.


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