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Dogs/Bulldog with glaucoma


Hi. My english bulldog was recently diagnosed with glaucoma. Her doctor suggested eye drops for treatment. Her pressure has gone down. My question is, she has had diarreha and vomiting. Her doctor said to leave off one of the drops. Is it common for glaucoma drops to cause these symptoms? She seems fine otherwise. She's playful, eating and drinking.


Hi Terrie,

Any medication can cause unwanted side effects. To better answer your question I need to know the names of the medications your veterinarian prescribed. Without knowing what medication you're using, I can tell you that nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and upset stomach can be a side effects of some brands of eye drops used in treating glaucoma.

If your dog is doing better with just one of the drops, talk to your vet about getting a substitute medication for the one that was giving her problems.

Please get back to me with that information if you'd like this discussion to continue.



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