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Our chihuahua was attacked by our neighbors pit and just looked up on the Internet that the pain med previcox should not have been given cause it causes death and our dog died he seemed to be doing okay up until the 5 th day after taking this pain med I even called the vet and they wouldn't let me bring him in that day said the next morning so what do u know about this drug and what can I do I thought I killed our dog and gave been so depressed over his death now this makes it worse


I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I had to put down are family dog a few years ago and i know its not an easy thing to do. What i know about the drug is it is a NSAID and it kills dogs. PLEASE DO NOT feel you are to blame. This drug has killed many dogs. There is a long list of side effects. If my dog is hurt and i go to the vet and he gives me this drug...I give it to my dog. I trust my vet and know he would not give me something that would hurt or kill my dog. He dropped the ball and should of never prescribe this drug.

  This has nothing to do with you...You did not kill your dog. this drug is just dangerous and if a vet prescribed it  we give it to our dog.

You did not kill your dog.Previcox did it   not you. I am going to do some more searching about this drug. It's 2:30 am here but i wanted to send a short reply.  

You didn't kill your dog....Previcox did.  There is a web site that has giving me great comfort after we put our dog down. It's called I put up a memorial for my dog Skipper ( the one with a pic) Go there and look around. It really helped me out. I will do some more reading about this dangerous drug.



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Check out Look up Skipper...There are 3. My Rhodesion Ridgeback lived to be 15 years old. He went to the rainbow bridge 4 years ago. We just got Buddy...He is a golden mix. His first parents both worked and he was alone most of the day. We drove 3 hours to get him.

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