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hey Karen I need to know if my pomarania bishon is deaf how would I know if gizzy my 14 year old do gin human years is going deaf and blind whenever we throw a treat down beside her or in font of her she can't see it

If she is deaf, she will not respond to anything you say to her. She may still hear loud noises, such as clapping or calling her in a louder voice, but eventually that will most likely be gone, too.

If she has cataracts, their cloudiness is usually visible in the lenses of her eyes. If she has something else, such as progressive retinal atrophy, the first signs of that are night blindness... having trouble moving around in the dark or in low light situations. The dog will tend to move slowly, often with its head lower down toward the ground, as it seems to "feel" its way along. If the dog is totally blind, and you sort of poke a finger at her eye, she will not blink as she cannot see the finger coming. The lenses of her eyes will be quite enlarged, and will have more reflectivity than normal.

You might have your veterinarian check her over, and if he cannot find anything abnormal, he could give you a referral to a veterinary ophthalmologist for a good eye check.

If she is indeed now blind and deaf, you need to take more precautions with her. She may still be able to do stairs, but then again, she may not. It might be easier to just carry her in and out of the house for her potty breaks rather than have her do it by herself. As long as she is eating well, she will adapt to her "new" world, but you will have to adapt a bit with her, too.


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