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Hi, my name is Jean, I need help, my dog got away home and came back after three days, I do not know where he' s been but when he came home he was full of sores, this sores are bothering him quite, because he is scratching and crying. I am very upset by seeing my dog like this. So I need help to know what i need to do to my dog and unfortunately he’ s was never vaccinated  and never taken to a veterinary, because he’ s a resistant dog, never had presented no problem, i have him since I was five years old, he’ s like a brother to me, can not stand see him this way. Please, help me, thank you.

Hi Jean,

Keep in mind, this is really a veterinarian question and I'm not a vet. But I'll try to give you any advice I can think of since I've been around dogs for so many years and have been through many first aid situations.

It's impossible for me to tell what or how he got the sores over the internet. He must be seen by a vet if that is possible. He will need to determine if this is due to an illness, contracted some disease or if he just got into something.

I hope he just got into something and it is irritating his skin. But if it is a possibility, you should take him to a vet for examination.

You need to examine his skin very closely. See if you can see any type of infestation from fleas or mites or anything else he may have picked up.

If it is a just some irritation, you can get some apple cider vinegar and mix it with water at half vinegar ad half water each.

You can them get him in the bathtub and wet him down with warm water. Then pour this mixture all over him and let it soak in. Wait about 5 minutes then rinse him off.

This mixture will neutralize the irritation by balancing the ph level on his skin and give him some temporary relief.

You can also apply some type of healing salve in you have some or can get some.

If there is any blood oozing out of any of these sores, you will need to get him to the vet to find out what's going on.

If the above does not give him some relief, you will need to get him medication from the vet. He may need antibiotics as well.

I hope he just got into something that is irritating his skin and you can bathe him and give him some relief.

But you never know what he may have contracted out running around. Try to examine his skin up as close as you can. See if you can see any type of foreign objects or infestation.

When in doubt, get him to the vet for examination.

If you notice any swelling, you can also give him some Benadryl or similar antihistamine you have in your area. The dosage is usually i milligram per pound of dog up to 3 times a day. To be safe, always check with your vet before administrating any human products to dogs.

This will help swelling and make him sleepy. If he can get some sleep, he can feel better and heal quicker.

These are some basic first aid things you can do. If you notice any other signs or symptoms like not eating, drinking or tired or severe pain, then you will need to get him seen by the vet. You don't want to take any chances

I wish I could give you more pinpoint advice but without any type of examination, it is just too hard to know what it might be.

IF you should have any other questions or would like to add anything, please reply back and I'll do all I can to help.



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