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I have recently adopted a 6 months old Labrador / Husky mix. I am currently House training her in a crate (when out or sleeping keep her in it). I take her out regularly (Working from home so I take her out every 2 hours or so) and when me and my girlfriend are both at home she's out of her crate (around evening and during weekends).

The thing is that the second she gets excited she pees on the floor.. Now I simply don't know how to inhibit such behavior because I read in forums that you should not make her feel bad for submissive peeing. When she's out of her crate it's not a problem I understand that there are ways you can stop exciting her especially when greeting her and/or playing with her.

But what can I do when I wake up and take her out of her cage? The SECOND I come to open her cage she pees on the floor of her cage.. Then I carry her because if I don't she'll pee outside of her cage and outside of the apartment..

Please any advice would help. I just need to know what to do when I take her out for her morning walk! As in how can I get her to stop peeing out of excitement when I open her cage..


Hi,  This is a tough one for sure, but I have some suggestions, but it is not a fast fix, but worth the work.
First get some puppy pads to put down in the crate.  Get the washable kind so there is no scent on them which makes her want to pee.
Several times in the day when you bring her in and she has already gone to the bathroom, open the crate and put her leash on and then shut the gate and leave her in there giving her a treat when you do. Then go in and take the leash off again and give her a treat.

This will have to be done many times until she is bored with the whole idea and her mind is on the treat not peeing.  She will probably have some accidents  that is why the pad is washable.

The next stage would be to bring her out on the leash and hold her next to you while you work.  Then put her back in the crate.  

One thing I want to make clear, she is six months old and I want to make sure you are not waiting too long before you let her out in the morning.  She could have such a full bladder that just moving will make her pee.  Make sure you take her out late.  She probably can't hold it more than 6 to 7 hours at this age without having to go.

When you go to get her in the morning, have the treat in your hand so she expects to stay in there.  Put the leash on her and bring her outside while showing her the treat the whole time.  Try and keep her focussed on the treat, even if you have to give her little pieces of it on the way.

I hope you have the idea from this.  Just get her bored with going in and out.  She is trying to be a good girl for you, that is obvious; let her succeed.


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