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I have gotten a puppy he is about 5 months  and when we got him he was about 3 and a half months and his previous owners had not been training him properly. He is now very difficult to training I have done everything set time.for him to eat and drink  and he goes in his crate we had to give the crate back to my parent so he was tied on his leash in one location unless we had to go out so he would still feel like his was being crated it is not working as of now my fiancee wants to get rid of him because he's not listening or doing anything we try and teach him

Hi Krystall

 Try to remind your fiance that the dog is just a 5 month old baby and we cant expect him to just automatically know how to hold in his pee and poop. would your parents let you use their crate again ?  If they will i can e-mail you a step by step crate training plan. Maybe you can see if any friends or other family members have one. Size does not matter because you you will be blocking off most of it and leave just enough room for your dog to stand up and turn around...Any bigger than that and its not helping him. No towel or blanket in the crate,just water and a toy. Dogs are VERY clean animals and will not live where they pee and poop and this is when they start to train themselves.

They have no choice about going to the bathroom in that small area and they will be forced to have to lay in the mess and they will NOT like it and this is when the training starts. There is nothing cruel about this,people have been training dogs like this for years. It is some extra cleaning for us but the train themselves  pretty fast this way. They will cry and whimper but just leave him alone.

  I bet you feed him take him outside he does not go,you bring him inside and then he pees and poops....This is a easy fix. Feed him...take him outside....stay out there as long as you do any other time...bring him inside....count to 15....take him outside again and he will go. The temperature change from outside to inside makes him go.

Try to come up with another crate,If you cant its going to be hard to teach him not to go in the house. PLEASE make sure that you dont rub his nose into it....this is something my parents did to my dog when i was a kid. We thought it was the way to train them but its not. They are just little babies,keep that in mind.  Let me know if you can get your moms crate back or borrow one from somebody else. If you cant we will go to plan B

Drop me a note when you can,I will keep an eye out for your reply.

What kind of dog is he ?

Take care talk soon



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