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I am interested in purchasing a Cane Corso, however, I am in a country where there are no breeders of the type so i want to import it, can you help me out with an honest breeder and also give me the standards i should look out for in the breed (I have gotten so many offers with photos through the internet and emails, however because i am not so much into the breed, they all look the same). Please help


Hi Tizard,

The American Kennel Club's Cane Corso Association of America breeder's club might be a good place to turn for breeder info. That club offers some guidelines on how to find a reputable breeder:

There is also a referral list for breeders at that website, but it comes with a disclaimer that the listings are all paid advertisements and that the club doesn't officially endorse any of them. Still, if you were to contact the club's secretary and explain your situation, perhaps they can refer you to a specific Cane Corso breeder who is known to be responsible. The Cane Corso breed club's contact info is:

Corresponding Secretary: Steel Campbell

Vice President: Janet Gigante

More on what to look for in the breed:

If you're not able to travel to inspect a kennel and talk to breeders, and if you can't get a referral to a specific breeder, if it were me, I'd seriously reconsider buying a mail-order puppy.

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck,



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