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I have a hyper aggressive 6 yr old who always plays sports in the house and I been told a dog can be therapeutic for him, what dog do u think would best suit him. my wife thinks a pug but I think he would just get trampled in the Daily game of football or hockey in the house with my sons, I'm thinking a golden retriever would probably b better for the atmosphere


Thanks for the question ;-)
A bigger dog would be best.A golden or a lab would be a great choice. The lab is the #1 dog and the golden is the #3. I have a golden and he is a great dog,very playful...The only bad part is he sheds(So does the lab) but if we brush him out 2 times a week and take him to the groomer 1 time a month it keeps the shedding way down. Pugs are great dogs just a little too small for a rowdy 6 year old. Let me know what you get...Best of luck with your new dog



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