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Long story short, I  have  an 18  month old foxhound mix named Camo. He is about 65  pounds.  He has gone to the vet 3 times now in the past year for sprains and strains. They always just give him rimadyl,  and he quits limping within a week. This time, camo  pulled something in his shoulder  and I talked to my vet at he said that baby aspirin would probably work just as well as rimadyl  if dosed correctly.  so I've been giving him 4 baby aspirin twice a day with food for 2 days now.  he has been staying off his leg because of the pain, but he was feeling a lot better today because when he went to the bathroom this morning,  instead of coming back through the dog door, he  jumped the fence and ran around the neighborhood for an hour before I realized he was gone. he had his last aspirin last night at 11. When I got him back inside, his limp had gotten better since yesterday, probably from the aspirin, but now his face its swollen and he is covered in hives and itchy. I have him 50mg  of benadryl  and the hives are slowly disappearing and the swelling is going down. But my question is, could the aspirin have caused this adverse reaction? I've been researching and it seems like this can happen to humans but dogs should only have stomach problems if given to much ( which he doesn't have). It's trash day, so he could've also gotten into some thing in someone's trash. I want to keep giving him the aspirin for the limp, but not if it caused the reaction. also can aspirin and benadryl be given simultaneously? because if the aspirin didn't cause this reaction,I would like to give him his next dose soon. since thanksgiving is tomorrow, there are no vets available to take my call, but he has an appointment  scheduled in 4 days  which is the soonest they can see us.

Thank you so much for your time,

Hi Melissa,

I've never heard of any dog having such a reaction to aspirin. It must have been something he got into, a spider bite, bee sting or similar.

I'm not a vet so I can't answer anything with direct authority but I would not see any problems in giving him the aspirin with the benadryl.

I do know however that you do not want to continue the aspirin very long. This is a blood thinner and prolonged use can cause other problems.

Below is an aspirin guideline I found and use for our customers when they want to use aspirin for pain.

Can be given short term to dogs (never cats!) to help relieve inflammation and pain.  Buffered Aspirin (Bufferin) is easier on the stomach but regular (non-coated) aspirin can also be used.  Aspirin may be given once or twice a day.  Always give aspirin with food.
Aspirin has potent blood thinning properties, and continued usage may be dangerous in some animals. For long term pain relief there are safer veterinary-specific alternatives.
Aspirin Dosage
Once or twice a day, with food
Dogs   Cats
weight   amount   
less than 10 lbs   ½ baby aspirin     NEVER!  
10-30 lbs   1 baby aspirin   
30-50 lbs   ½ regular aspirin   
50-100 lbs   1 regular aspirin   
over 100 lbs   2 regular aspirin   

Sound like you were probably giving him about the right dose.

There are 24 hour emergency vets that should be open in your area or surrounding towns. You may also want to look one up and call them with the same questions.

It would be nice to know where one is in case you have further complications during the holiday and need to get him somewhere.

Diet is very critical in producing good muscle and joint support. This is my specialty and what I practice every day.

If you would like me to evaluate his diet and make any recommendations, please reply back with everything that is in his diet including brand names.

Many people underestimate what a difference a diet can do for their dogs. The wrong ingredients can make a situation like you are experiencing much worse.

Dogs with weaker immune systems from an incomplete diet can not tolerate things stronger dogs can. Make sure his immune system is in top shape. Proper balanced moist foods with the right supplements are key.

I would be happy to look at his diet if you would like me to.

I hope he continues to get better and you have a happy Thanksgiving. Let me know if I can be of any further help.



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