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We live in Houston, TX and have a large german shepherd about 10 months old. He started out (at 5 mos) as an inside dog, but after destroying all our furniture we were forced to move him outside. We had an old dog house we built yrs ago, but he won't use it. Even when it's pouring down rain, he'd rather stand at the back door howling. I feel terrible, but we can't have him inside. Can you recommend an appropriate size dog house and perhaps where we can buy a relatively inexpensive one? Any tips and ideas are appreciated.


I am not a big fan of keeping a dog outside. As puppies they one goal in life...Getting rid of those baby teeth. With some sour apple spray( sold at any pet shop) you could of taking care of the problem. Babies cry when they cut teeth and pups chew when they cut teeth. Is this something he does more at night or does he do it in front of you ? You could also crate train him and that would cut down on his time around the house,you could also get a temp gate and only allow him to be in 1 room. Don't buy one of those at a pet shop...they are 30 bucks ore then one for a baby ad they are the same brand.

Can you reply with a little more info and maybe we can get him inside without you losing any more furniture. Keeping a pet outside is always the very last thing to do. He might be better off if you find him another home. His quality of life will go down A LOT as a outside dog.Instead of living 12-14 years you are looking at about 10 years.  

Lets see what we can do for your pup bAND for your family. I look forward to your reply



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