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Hello again,

Yes I was an expert in Interspecies conflict, but then I got questions like what if the Sun bear is the size of a Polar Bear, who would win? Or 7 dobermanns vs a gorilla, 5 dogs on front, 2 at it's back, then who would win? I thought I'm no fortune teller and I became sick of it and I immediately deactivated it.

Anyways, dog experts often assert that when keeping a dog, the owner should be the alpha male. Now, how should I train a dog to accept me as an alpha male. I hope I don't have to resort to beating or hurting a dog. So, is there a harmless way to achieve dominance?

Moreover, If I'm the alpha, would my dog give up it's guarding instincts? Would it lose it's menace? I hate those those that allow strangers to come. So for guarding which dog is better, the spoilt dog or the disciplined dog?


As a matter of fact, the alpha is not always the guard dog, it is, lots of times, the younger ones.  In my personal pack, the younger ones are the "watch dogs".  The alpha's back them up.
No, it is more of an emotional power than physical.  Have you heard of Cesar Milan?  A great example of how to be a pack leader.  He has several books out, but if you could get his dvds,"a picture is worth a thousand words."    
Make sure you eat first, and go out the door first and teach him many commands.  Make  sure he only does things on your say so and you remain calm and assertive at all times.  Beating or hurting a dog leads to aggression.  Rewarding a dog when he is calm is what you want.  This way he doesn't lose his personality nor his effectiveness. Treat training does not teach a dog when he is doing wrong.  But it does help when he is doing right, so use it sparingly.
Make sure he is well trained, but make sure he doesn't go ahead of you or do things on his own.  With a guard dog of any type, you HAVE to be the one in control or they become anxious and aggressive instead of calm and protective.  A dog looks for a leader or he will become the leader, but they would rather be lead, they feel safer.


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