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Our 13 yr old mini schnauzer has started getting black round spots  her belly.  Do you have any idea what it could be.

Hi Carol

Thank you for writing to me about your senior mini Schnauzer and her black spots.  There are usually one of two reasons for this to happen.  The first is some sort of skin condition and the other is a depressed immune system which would include allergies.  The allergies could range from food to something being used in the home.  Have you had the carpets cleaned recently perhaps?

The first thing I would recommend is to see a dermatologist.  They should probably do a skin scraping and send it off to a laboratory.

I would also change her food to a high quality without grains or additives.  I like ZiwiPeak because its pure and dried very slowly so as not to kill the enzymes.  Its also pricey but you have a tiny dog and older dogs typically do not eat a lot because they are not as active as younger dogs.

It's important to address an older dog's immune system.  Try a supplement like Transfer Factor that you can get from a website called Shirleys Wellness Cafe along with amazing information.

I would also suggest no more vaccinations and to chemicals of any kind..such as flea prevention. Not until you know what is causing this condition.

Best of luck for your sweet dog.

Shelley Davis  


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