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My 4 month old puppy was taken out for a walk with a friend, it's cold and very icy outside. I don't know exactly what happened but my puppy came back limping, and his front leg is swollen. He will let me touch it but causes him pain he starts to whine when I touch it. He has been sleeping all day now not getting up except to eat and drink. He goes to his food and lays down to eat. I'm in another state should I find a vet here? I'm going home tomorrow but won't make it to his vet before they close.

Hi Jeannie,

Since your puppy's paw is swollen and his is in obvious pain, it would be best not to put off seeing the vet now, before you travel home because you don't think your vet will be open by the time you get home.

You don't want to mask your dog's symptoms with a pain reliever before seeing a vet, but you should know that it's safe to give a dog baby aspirin or buffered aspirin to help relieve inflammation and pain. Give the aspirin dose once or twice a day (with food) as needed. The dosing goes by weight:

Less than 10 lbs, give 1/2 baby aspirin
10-30 lbs give 1 baby aspirin
30-50 lbs 1/2 adult buffered aspirin
50-100 lbs 1 adult buffered aspirin

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