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I want to know about the dogs before getting him. i just like dogs. our family has many dogs in past we have dobermans but now they are not with us now we live in city area so the  dogs are at my aunts house.  i need a pack dog because there are many dogs in our area so i need pack dog that not scared by them     some of my issues are listed below.

 1. i like mid to semi large breed so give a choise
 2. a dog who good with family and protective.
 3. playful and loyal to family
 4. no aggressive breed
 5.who handle any situation like love to play and protective
 6. live alone 2 hours a day
 7. food requirement
 8.not one person dog
       so i need best dog please give me a choice          
         thank you very much


Hi Jigneh,

If you aren't buying an adult dog that's already been trained as a guard dog, then it could take six months or longer to train the dog to do the protective work that you'd like it to do. How well it protects would be entirely dependent upon your skills at training the dog. Experts do not advise raising a dog from a puppy, and training it yourself to be a guard dog. Read more here:

I suggest contacting people who sell trained guard dogs in your area, and ask them your questions. A well trained dog will also be well socialized, so loving it's family and being loyal, being playful when it's appropriate, and also being able to guard shouldn't be too tall an order to fill. Just to be sure to make it clear that you want a dog to live in a family situation, and only deal with reputable breeders and trainers.

Rather than getting another dog for the purpose of protection since you already own several dogs that you can't even keep with you, why not consider getting some pepper spray as an attack deterrent? A six foot long hickory walking stick isn't a bad idea either.

Best of luck,



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My life experience in this field is more like "on the job training" rather than an actual degree in animal welfare. You may benefit from my experiences over the past 30 years. Aside from the dogs I've owned, I'm also involved in "breed rescue" and have fostered several dogs, all of which have been adopted to wonderful "forever homes". I find helping people who want a dog very rewarding.

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