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Hello. Well, my question is : How Can I Convince My Parents To Get Me A Dog? My family does not get a long super well, and a lot of the time I am alone and really sad.mi LOVE animals more than life itself and would rather live on a farm with tons of acreage with tons of animals the. Live my current life. So, I have wanted my own dog for a years, but just started asking for one this past year. I got a dog for my birthday, but she hasn't worked out. She doesn't get along with my other animals, my mom doesn't like her, and she just wasn't. Good fit for our family. So, we are giving her to a nice couple we know. Now that means I am going to be lonely again. It took A LOT to convince my mom to get me a dog, and I don't think I can do it again. I reallyw Nt one from a breeder for Christmas which is soon. I was texting a friend on my moms phone and told her I wanted a dog for Christmas, and I hadn't told my parents. My mom saw it and asked me why I told her that if it wasn't true because I am not getting one and blah blah. I don't know what I can do. I want a dog so bad, and found an amazing breeder. I really need a friend, because I am at a terrible time in my life. The breeder is breeding a dog this christmas so I would need to convince them skin to make an application and place a deposit. How can I convince my mom. She doesn't like animals. I will do ANYTHING. Please help. Please :(


Please forgive me for not replying sooner. I am having kidney problems and was in the hospital. I hope i can still help you get the dog. If you are still trying to get him...or her...PLEASE send me another e-mail and i will reply RIGHT AWAY. Again i apologize but will offer you all the help i can.



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