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I hope you can help me, you are my last hope. Desperate
I have a 12 year old Border Collie mix who has a rare protein allergy.  Have you ever heard or come across this?  Her vets, and I have done food elimination and have come to the diagnosis that she is literally allergic to every food she ingests.  
She is on a hydrolyzed diet and has been for 8 months. At first this seemed to be the solution but then her body started identifying it and now she is reacting to even this food.  Her symptoms are extreme itching and excessive and extreme panting, extreme anxiety(her anxiety is not an independent problem it is directly related to food) and some aggressiveness, front paw biting, ear inflammation and dark spots in her ears, pawing at her snout and face along with total and complete hair loss, major asthma symptoms and loss of appetite.
We have done allergy test, hormone tests and blood tests. She started on 20mg prozac for her anxiety but we have had to increase it to 40mg as her panting got worse. We started with 3mg of melatonin twice a day for her itching and fur loss and flaky skin. The melatonin allowed her fur to grow back and stopped her flaky and itchy skin for the first 6 months but we have increased it now to 6mg twice a day because her flakes and itches came back and even at this new dosage they are resurging again, her most painful symptom.  Her hormones are basically normal which really stumped her third vet Dr. Al Plechner, who is a vet on one of your recommended web sites, Shirley's Wellness Cafe. But he gave her a small dosage of Vetalog at .5mg a day, and again, this seemed to work a bit initially but now the symptoms have come back.  She is also on  .5mg thyroid-tabs twice a day.  All of these medications, minus the thyroid-tabs, worked well at first, but the symptoms seem to over power them and then we need to increase the dosage.  I feel this can not go on for much longer, she will either die of an overdose or have to be put down because she is so miserable if the symptoms can't be controlled. Is this an overreaction on my part?

I am also worried about the hydrolyzed diet, it doesn't seem to be a good value of nutrition if she eats and that seems to be less and less every day.
I have been to 3 vets countless times and spent thousands of dollars on specialty foods, medication, test and visits, we are all stumped.  None of her vets know what to else to do.  She is very sad and uncomfortable.  Can you help us?
Thank you for your time, and I anxiously await your response.
Rebecca and Kahlua-

Oh my!  I can hardly believe what I a reading.  I've never heard of such extreme allergies except for the rare human.  Something is at the root of this and all else is a network of patches.  I actually am not familiar with the vet you mention although I really like Shirley and her website.  Did you try Dr Kruesi at all. His speciality is nutrition and disease.

Please tell me if you've tested for the following:

-actual allergy testing for food and the environment?

-are you giving her vaccines?
-are you using any chemicals on her?

-Tell me about your home..what is it like and what kind of cleaners do you use?  Carpets? Lanw chemicals?

-Did you try the elimination and rotation diet?

-Do you use dryer sheets?  Scented laundry detergent? Perfume? Scented anything?

I have a lot of questions, more than answers at this time but I do know as a chemically sensitive person that you need to look for a cause as well as a treatment.  I suggest that you try Dr Kruesi at this point.  

Where are you located?

Please feel free to contact me via email (faster) at  I will try to help in any way possible.  It's going to take a village to solve this problem.  Don't give up yet..there is a cause..everything else is a symptom.

Best Regards
Shelley Davis



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