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Dogs/What should be the feeding schedule for in and after 9 weeks old German Shepherd Puppy?


What should be the feeding schedule for in and after 9 weeks old male German Shepherd Puppy?
I have bought a 9 weeks old German shepherd puppy and i wanted to know the feeding schedule for the puppy.

The questions include following:-
*How many times?
*Can i feed him chicken and liver?
*When to decrease the no. of times it eats,I mean at what age the feeding patterns should be changed?

Additional advice would be helpful...


Typically you would feed 3 times a day at least.

You can feed chicken and liver as part of his diet. It is not a complete balanced meal so you need to add some form of calcium and other vitamins and nutrients. You can get a general vitamin and mineral mix and add to this diet.

Make sure he gets some type of live food. Dogs were meant to eat a raw diet and do far better on this type of diet.

If you feed only cooked foods then the diet is not complete. The cooking process destroys vital nutrients that need to be in the diet. The two most important ones are enzymes and probiotics. These two nutrients are destroyed by the cooking process so they need to be supplemented back into the diet. You can get a separate supplement of these two to add back in. This is VERY important for longevity and good health.

If you feed a raw food diet, then you do not have to supplement these back into the diet.

I would also look to add some type of fish oil or cooked salmon, tuna or other. They need to have these omega nutrients in their diet for brain and eye development.

If you can get some canned puppy food, you can add this to the chicken and liver for a more complete balanced diet. Just be sure to add enzymes and probiotics.

I would look to add about 20% of his diet in vegetables. These will provide additional natural nutrients.

Rotate his diet of different proteins. You do not want to just give him chicken all the time. Change the diet often. This gets him used to eating more things and creates a stronger digestive system. A stronger digestive system leads to a stronger immune system.

Use his weight as a guideline as to when to go to feeding only two times a day. I would wait until he is at least six months old.

If you should have any more questions on his diet, adding raw foods or vegetables, please just respond back and I will be happy to help all I can.



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