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We are moving overseas and are having a very hard time deciding what to do with our dog. She is 8 years old German Pointer and has been with us since she was a puppy.To get to where we are going she will have to be in her cage for at least 35 hours. Also the climate will be very different and it will be very expensive to fly her. My questions are: will our dog feel deserted if we leave her in a good home? How important is it for a dog to stay with their original owner?

Thank you

Hi Yair,

Thank you for writing to me about moving your 8 yrs old German Pointer overseas.  I personally believe it would be extremely hard for her to adjust to a new owner.  You are all that she has known for her entire life and it would be traumatic to lose you.  That being said, how you transport her will be crucial for her well being.

I would think about variations on how you can manager this move, for the emotionally and medical safety of your dog.  Dogs are living beings.  They are not cargo and never should be flown as such.  There are countless injuries, deaths and lost pets when dogs are shipped as cargo.  

You might consider turning your dog into an emotional support dog where she can ride in the cabin with you.  You might consider taking a boat instead of a plane.  I don't know where you are moving to and can't imagine a 35 hr flight so it's hard for me to make specific recommendations.  Perhaps you can break up the flight into 2 or 3 separate flights with a rest stop inbetween where your dog can relieve herself.

Another thing about riding in cargo, besides the danger of failed temperature controls, are the awful loud, scarey sounds that the plan engines make...they are terrifying for a dog.  She would be alone in a strange place with strange sounds and it would be extremely difficult for her.

There are options for specialized airlines to transport your pet in a cabin with qualified handlers.  It is expensive but it could make all the difference for the well being of your dog.

I've put together some links for you to look through to help you make a decision as to what is best for the welfare of your beloved dog.

Shelley Davis

Be sure to contact your state USDA who will know which forms are necessary. They can overnight them to your vet's office


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