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Thank you for taking the time to view and hopefully respond to my question. I have a 8 month old Rottweiler Tia. 2 nights ago, a problem occurred with her eyes. Both eyes, although mainly the left one. It appears as though the top eyelid is dropping and the cornea is coming across her eye it appears as though she struggles to open it wide. It gets worse in heat and when she's tired. Other times it appears as though they're isn't a problem present.

She is still very active and actually isn't acknowledging the problem.

She is very clumsy and possibly may have banged it. She isn't allergic to anything as I've not changed products of anything within the household.

I realise I should be contacting a vet, although I have already den this. They are asking a fee of 120 to see her and treatment prices on top of this. Ufortunately, I was made redundant and haven't the funds to do so.

Please advise what you can as I am growing increasingly worried.

Kindest regards,



Hi Kim,

By nature dogs are really quite stoic, and tend to hide their discomfort. You can't go by if Tia is acting sick or not to know her true level of discomfort.

There's really no way to guess at what your dog's problem might be, it could be lots of different things and treatments would vary, depending on what condition it actually is. Prompt treatment is always best, and can make for a shorter recovery time. You are correct that your dog needs to be seen by a veterinarian. In the UK, if a pet suddenly becomes very sick or gets seriously injured and you simply do not have the money to pay for veterinary treatment on the spot, veterinary surgeons are obliged to provide emergency treatment to a minimum level that will ease pain and suffering. This may mean administering treatment to a very basic level for a short period until an alternative can be decided upon.

If you have a regular vet that you use, ask if they would work out a payment plan so your dog would get the treatment she needs, and you might be better able to afford the payments. Another option is to contact the RSPCA to see if they have a reduced price vet clinic in your area. You might find info on that here:

There are several national organizations that provide support and funding or veterinary help to pet owners in genuine financial difficulties in the UK:

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck,



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