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Dogs/my dog growls at my sleep walking son


I have a year old pit, she is a rescue an I've had her about 6 months. She is the best dog i have ever owned an she loves our family to death! She has never not even one time shown any member of my family even a hint of aggression.. My boys can walk up to the dog an take bones anything right outta her mouth an she wont even so much as look at them funny.. Well last night that all changed, my 9 y.o son was sleeping on the couch in the living room where my husband an I were watching T.V. with our dog. My son sometimes sleepwalks, an started to walk in front of the T.V, as soon as he got off the couch the dog who was sleeping to stood right up looked at my son an started growling.. I know its not because she couldnt see him, the lighing was just fine. She was growling like a stranger was walking around in my house.. I have no idea why she was doing this, if you can help me figure this out I would be so happy. I cant understand why the dog was so freaked out, an I dont want to have to get rid of her... I just need to understand what happened...


Hi Bella,

When a normally affectionate, easy-going dog shows sudden, often random signs of aggression, it could be that hes feeling pain somewhere in his body. Dogs are quite stoic about showing signs of pain, so the unexpected aggression can be one of the few signs you see. It would be a good idea to have your dog examined by your veterinarian.

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