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Hello, I got a Hound puppy in September who is 8 months old now.
His name is Camo and I just have a few general questions about him.

We took him to the vet in October and got him a completely clean bill of health. Recently, (since the middle of January) he has been shedding a ridiculous amount. My other 2 dogs are black and he is white, so you cannot walk through the house in dark clothes. It's terrible, i try to brush out his fur outside and there will be a blizzard of white fur. We have to vaccum everyday now, including the couches and we have bought a family pack of lint rollers. His fur is everywhere now, sticking to the walls and mirrors. I brush him every day, but it doesn't seem to help. I'm beginning to think that he might have a hormonal imbalance or thyroid issue. My parents have started to use the shop vac on him.

Despite losing a HUGE quantity of fur, his coat is still shiny, and full. He doesn't have a single thinning patch on him, but I think that he shold be bald by now. He is naturally thin-coated, but he looks and acts completely normal. I just don't know where all of the hair came from. SO if you could help, that would be great.
I was also wondering if you could offer some insight as to what breed of dog he might be. The shelter said Hound.
I think that he is an American fox hound mix, but my mom thinks he is a great dane, and my dad swears that he is a brown dalmation (I know that they are both wrong)
Background Information:
His birthday is June 12, 2012
He was 3 months old and only 10 lbs when I got him, but now he weighs around 65 lbs
He is not fat AT ALL! he is infact, rather skinny, but in great shape. Probably the perfect weight
He is extrememly energetic and has to be walked and/or played with everyday
He gets baths every month or so
He is pretty tall, taller than my Rottweiler and about as tall as my German Shepard
He is neutered, and still never lifts his leg or marks his territory, although he does mount other male dogs sometimes for dominance
super trainable, already knows a ton of tricks
despite being super energetic, he crashes hard and can sleep for hours.
He hasn't had flea medicine since the beginning of January, I've been meaning to buy more
he has extremely webbed toes
howls while he barks
has an EXTREMELY sensitive sense of smell
great with every single dog
likes to "play" with cats
tries to chase rodents
his ears are a little screwed up and sometimes sit on top of his head
great with little kids
He doesn't run, he more prances, extremely gracefully and can leap over just about any fence and play with neighborhood dogs
likes to dig
I'm not sure if he likes to swim yet, because we got him when it was beginning to get cold.
He started on puppy food, but kept stealing the Big Dogs' food, so he eventually began just eating that
very very very playful

OKay, so that was a lot of information, so hopefully you can give me some advice for vitamins or something.
And also if you have ANY idea what kind of dog he might be, that would be much appreciated, so we can settle this family despute.
Thank you,

Hi Melissa,

Hard to say what might be in him. He looks like he may have some Grey Hound in his legs, face and ears. Look at some pics online and it looks just like his face/head shape and his ears. That would explain his height and thinness. Possible Fox Hound in there as well, he may just need to get older and fill out more to tell. It's just hard to say when several breeds are mixed.

You can get a DNA test done on him. The better ones cost around $100 but will tell you every breed that's in him. You can order them from a local healthy pet food store or possibly on line.

For the shedding, it's very common as we get some of these warm days in early spring. When dogs are kept inside, they will naturally adjust to the inside warmth and shed more.

A big part of this is in his diet as well. You mentioned that he is now eating big dog food but that don't tell me much.

You need to learn how to read ingredients and research dog food. Even when some of the commercial brands ingredient list looks good, their quality can be very poor.

This will make a big difference for him growing up healthy and staying disease free. Even his shedding problems can be and generally are caused by poor diet.

Even if your other dogs are doing fine, every dog is different and each can have their own reaction to different foods or ingredients.

Stay away from cheap commercial foods. These are high grain based and provide little nutrition. Some of the big ones that are not very good include Science Diet, Purina, Beneful, Kirkland, Iams, Old Roy and many others.

Better premium foods are like Orijen, Blue Buffalo, Natures Variety, The Great Life, Natural Balance, Wellness, Merrick, Solid Gold just to name a few.

You also need to make sure that at least half his diet is in moist type foods. No dog should be on a dry food only diet. By nature, dogs are meat eaters and this is a very high moisture diet. So that's the way nature intended them to eat and have certain moisture levels in their food to stay healthy.

Dry foods only have around 10% moisture in them. A dog on dry or mostly dry diet will actually live in a mild state of dehydration. This is hard on their internal organs and their skin and coat.

Being a young dog and a bigger breed, he should stay on a puppy food until he's well over a year old.

The extra DHA and higher fat helps him develop at a proper rate. The DHA is helpful for eye, brain and skin and coat health.

You can feed an adult food but you will need to add extra omega's into his diet. You can do this with fish oil, salmon oil, canned tuna, canned salmon or the best is canned sardines. Give him a can once a week. All your dogs will benefit from this.

These omega products can help tremendously with a healthier coat.

If you are feeding nothing but cooked and processed foods, you will also need so supplement with enzymes and probiotics. These are critical in a dogs diet.

They get them naturally from a raw food diet but when you cook foods, these vital nutrients are destroyed.

You can get a powdered supplement to sprinkle on each meal. Or research and start them all on a raw food diet. Even a partial raw food diet is extremely beneficial. This is the way nature intended them to eat and thrive on.

We feed a raw food diet to all our dogs and cats. There are many commercially prepared raw food diets on the market now. They are completed and balanced and very easy to feed.

We rescue dogs and get them back to health by transitioning them to a raw food diet. We've helped hundreds of our customers dogs obtain great health by switching them.

But if you continue to feed a cooked food diet, please get them the enzyme and probiotic supplement and put this on each meal. It's the number one thing anyone can do for their dog, no matter what they feed.

Doing this will help break down the food far enough so the dog can get whatever nutrients he can from the foods. Without enzymes, their own body has to try and produce the digestive enzymes and it is not efficient as it being in the foods.

The probiotics support intestinal health. These help protect against disease and help transport nutrients into the blood stream.

Both of these together will enable him to receive maximum nutrition from whatever he eats.

This is important as if he does not get all the nutrients he needs, he will be nutrient deficient and resulting in excessive hair loss among many other health issues.

I would be happy to evaluate his diet along with your other dogs if you respond back with exactly the brand of food they are on now. I can tell you about the ingredients in them and how they may impact their health.

You also mention vitamins, this can help a lot as well. They will add extra benefit to his diet. You can even give him a little greens like wheat grass, kelp, or spirulina.

The last thing I want to talk about is the flea meds. I would not give him chemical based flea meds on a monthly basis. This will have a negative impact on his immune system. This will also play a role in hair loss.

Only put on flea meds when you see fleas. Then, there are natural flea control products that don't use the chemicals.

I know this has been a lot of information. If you want me to evaluate his diet further, just let me know everything that is in his diet and include brand names.

If you have anything else you would like to add, please just respond back to this same question and I'll see if I can help.



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