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Dogs/health growth problem


5 months old
5 months old  
my 5 months old Labrador retriever is growing in length but not in height .. also its front legs are look tilted outwards from elbows .. they look too short also


Hi Sony,

You may only get the answers to your questions from a veterinarian.
There are "non-breed standard" dogs of every breed, meaning not every dog will have the looks or confirmation to be a show dog. The Lab is one of the most popular breeds of dog, so there is a HUGE amount of variation of how they look. Not every breeder is taking the time (and expense) to breed sound dogs for the betterment of the breed. Also, there could be the possibility that your dog isn't 100% Labrador Retriever.
What matters the most is, your puppy isn't limping or favoring one leg.

Every puppy is an individual, they all grow at different rates. A Labrador is supposed to be slightly longer than it is tall.  As a general rule, the majority of a Labradorís growth will be complete within her first eighteen months. Your puppy is still growing, so there's still the possibility she'll end up being more proportionate. The final size reached by your Labrador will depend on a combination of her genes (how tall her parents were), and environmental factors such as nutrition, and her general health. As I said before, a vet exam could tell you if your puppy's turned out legs are nothing more than a cosmetic concern.

Puppies are living breathing things, sometimes their confirmation is just off slightly, their elbows a little bowed, or they're a little pigeoned toed. None of this means your puppy isn't a wonderful loving pet.

I should mention (if it hasn't yet been done), that now is the time to have your puppy spayed. A female dog gets the most health benefits from being spayed before the onset of her first heat cycle.

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck,



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