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Dogs/How long will a dog take to come back into heat once all puppies have died ?



My Pomeranian-spitz gave birth to 2 puppies 2 weeks back and unfortunately both did not make it... They died within 2 days after birth.. I examined her today and found that she has no more hanging teats( the milk production has stopped completely and her stomach is flat )

So, I was just wondering if she will come back into heat immediately since the puppies have died or will it take her the same 6 months to come into heat ??

Im asking this because ( plz dont mistake me ): I happened to see a programme in NGC wherein a male lion kills the cubs and the lioness comes into estrous in a week's time ... Does this happen in dogs ???

She should come into heat six months from her last heat, if she came into heat every six  months.  Her cycle should remain the same, so if she was in heat 2 months and 2 weeks ago, she should come in heat in 3 months and two weeks.  Of course all this is approximate.  Why did she lose the pups?


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