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Dogs/How long will dogs take to come into heat when all puppies have died ?



My Pomeranian gave birth to 2 puppies two weeks back and unfortunately both the pups did not make it... They died within 2 days after birth.. I examined her today and found that she has no more hanging teats( the milk production has stopped completely and her stomach is flat )

So, I was just wondering if she will come back into heat immediately since the puppies have died or will it take her the same 6 months to come into heat ??

Im asking this because ( plz dont mistake me ): I happened to see a programme in NGC wherein a male lion kills the cubs and the lioness comes into estrous in a week's time ... Does this happen in dogs ???


Hi Pranesh,

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of the puppies. No, a dog isn't like a Lion, a dog's cycle can be delayed a bit following a pregnancy, but most will resume cycling anywhere from four to six months after delivery.  

You didn't say how old your dog is. A female dog should be at least two years old and have gone through at least one heat cycle before breeding her for the first time. Pomeranians should not be bred after seven years of age, maximum. Because the puppies from this litter died, you should have your dog examined by a veterinarian before breeding her again, to ensure she's in tip-top shape.

Even though the puppies from this past breeding were lost, it still counts as a pregnancy for your dog. If you choose to breed your dog two heat cycles in a row, after this next pregnancy allow her a rest, and breed her at every other heat cycle. Pregnancy is incredibly physically demanding for a dog, and it simply isn't healthy to breed her continually. Your dog's body needs rest in between litters to ensure that her body is fully recovered.

Be sure that you are providing your dog with the extra nutrition she needs during her pregnancy, and while she's nursing. A pregnant dog should begin eating a high calorie diet around 5-6 weeks into her pregnancy and continue until the puppies are weaned (at around 5 weeks of age). A good quality puppy food will provide the extra nutrition your dog needs. When she begins to nurse her litter, provide her with access to food all day so she can eat as she needs to, rather than feeding her at scheduled meal times. While nursing she will need a near-constant supply of food! Also be sure to give her access to water at all times.

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck!



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