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Dogs/strange wet spots


I have noticed wet spots on the bed and couch where my dog has been laying.  I have no idea what it can be.  It is clear, does not smell like anything and dries like water.  Usually we found the wet spots at random, and we thought it was just the dog licking the area since it was smaller.  Today however, it was a large spot like someone poured a cup of water on the couch, so much a little dripped onto the floor.  She does not seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary when it happens, just sleeping or lying down.  My dog is a Rottweiler mix, approximately 4 years old and spayed.

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Hi Jamie,

If your dog drinks enough water, her urine would be almost clear and not smell. Colorless urine with little to no odor indicates very dilute urine. Normally this is simply from drinking large quantities of water, which in itself can indicate a problem, such as diabetes or other conditions. There could certainly be other reasons, so don't panic.

Keep a close eye on exactly how much water she is drinking, and have her examined by your veterinarian. Until you see your vet, give your dog more frequent opportunities to go outside to relieve herself.

I hope I've been a help.
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